GTFUN Co., Ltd. is a business collaboration network (GMC), YouTube home shopping (all2k), homepage production, Platforms such as distribution of multilingual press releases and callback services. It is a marketing company with solutions.

GTFUN Business Collaboration Network (GMC_Gtfun Members Club)

Gtfun (Give and Take Fun) is a customer sharing platform through mutual exchange between members under the slogan "It's fun to share." It is a new platform that expands the business network in the process of introducing customers based on mutual trust identified by the profile business card that is basically provided when signing up.

A new idea of business networking and customer sharing platform, GMC.

Gtfun, a new idea business network expansion platform, is a business networking organization that can infinitely increase business connections in the process of confirming trust among Gtfun members and introducing customers at a low time and cost of 55,000 won a year. Our members are a platform that grows their businesses by introducing customers to GT Fun members through dedication to our main core values, Give and Take Fun.

GMC's strength.

There are many advantages to joining GTfun. The process of introducing customers to Gtfun members can increase potential customers.

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